BioElectronics Corporation, headquartered in Frederick, Maryland, USA, is the leading company in the field on non-invasive electroceutical medical devices. The devices are used to treat acute and chronic pain as well as to promote wound healing. The BioElectronics’ technology is a pioneering advancement of pulsed shortwave therapy.

Traditional pulsed shortwave therapies are clinically proven, effective, safe and have been used for decades by physicians and physiotherapists but are large devices for hospital or outpatient use. Advances in microelectronics have made it possible to deliver clinically proven pulsed shortwave therapy in a small, wearable and economical medical device. BioElectronics’ devices provide superior extended duration treatments and hospital and safe home use therapy to help self-management of pain and lower the cost of care. The devices do not produce heat or, a tingling sensation, which occurs with the use of TENS.

Pain is one of the most significant health issues worldwide, negatively impacting quality of life for many millions of individuals. Today, pain is still inadequately treated, and many options, which are primarily based on pharmacological agents, have limited efficacy and cause dangerous adverse side effects. BioElectronics’ vision is to provide a safe alternative to traditional therapies with a highly effective and safe intervention for pain. We received the “2009 Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Awards” and in 2013 the ActiPatch® Musculoskeletal Pain Therapy was a runner up in “Most Innovative New OTC Product” award from the OTC Bulletin, a leading UK-based Healthcare Marketing Publication.

We currently distribute and market our innovative medical devices to many countries around the world. We hope to introduce our technology to new markets and additional countries in the near future.